Sunday, January 31, 2010


What to write on my first blog? what topic should I choose to make the best start..?? which style is to be followed to bring out best impact on the readers..? how? Why? When? almost all the question tags must have been pecking your mind when you were attempting your first post in you own blog. My case is no exception..!!
With lot of thinking and little awareness about the blogging world I decided to start my own blog, rest leaving on destiny.

Basically I never thought I would be creating a blog where in I could give a shape to my feelings. I always thought it’s a hobby of a language professional and it has got nothing to do with a poor writer like me. Sorry that I stated myself as writer, I used this word because I feel happy when someone does say this to me.

Ok why sciencechacha??
Right from my schooldays I was very much fascinated towards practical experiments. But as I hail from a poor baground, and as my schooling was not so great, all those simple experiments which may have helped me in understanding the concepts better, had to be only imagined. As a student, I always felt the need of practicals in my education.
I think same is the case with almost all the schools. Rather than focusing on the understanding of the students, schools today are more worried about completing the syllabus and revising it 10 times before the student takes up their final test. Education system is going nowhere in india..!! for all of u students who want to make some difference in learning, for all of you who want to enjoy science, for those of u who want to explore the knowledge, and for those of who are thinking why apples are falling down??, this site is for you..!!! here, you would be finding articles describing small experiments which u can do them in you home without having to buy so many things. I will make sure from my side that these experiments are arranged in classwise manner and also chapter wise.

keep thinking..!!~!@$
More to follow..!!! stay tuned..!!!

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